AMS Special Session

Optimal Geometry

at the AMS Spring Sectional Meeting, Urbana, 18-21 Mar 1999

Don't miss the Evening of Mathematical Videos, 8pm Friday in 314 Altgeld

Saturday morning:

  9:30 Konrad Polthier, TUBerlin:
"Discrete minimal surfaces on non-conforming triangulations"
10:15 Chaim Goodman-Strauss, Arkansas:
"Conjectured minimal surfaces derived from Hamiltonian polyhedra in the cubic lattice"

Saturday afternoon

  3:00 Ken Brakke, Susquehanna:
"Instability of the wet cube cone soap film"
  3:45 Ailana Fraser, Courant:
"On the free-boundary variational problem for minimal disks"
  4:30 George Kamberov, WashU:
"The Willmore energy of quaternionic line bundles"
  5:15 Frank Pacard, Paris:
"Connected sums of constant mean curvature surfaces in Euclidean 3-space"

Sunday morning

  9:30 Jason Cantarella, UPenn:
"Optimal contact structures"
10:15 Jianguo Cao, NotreDame:
"Domains with least perimeter for given area, in surfaces of variable curvature"

Each speaker is scheduled for a 30-minute talk, with five more minutes for questions. For abstracts, please see the online AMS program for the meeting.