Photos by John Sullivan

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You can use my java applet to see my panoramas of Berlin from the tower of the Franszösischer Dom in Gendermenmarkt:

and from the tower of the Berliner Dom:

Wide-angle views from my balcony in my temporary apartment (neighborhood in Charlottenburg, Berlin).

Although that view mostly sees postwar buildings, other streets in Charlottenburg have lots of buildings from the period 1890-1910, when Berlin expanded greatly.
Interior of my apartment, and the city hall (Rathaus) for the Charlottenburg district, where I had to go register myself.

Berlin, like Chicago, has a city flag. (The one with the red stripes and the black bear for Bear-lin.) The building with red and blue stripes under that flag in the TU-Berlin Matheamtics building, where my office is. Just to the left of the rightmost flagpole, and to the right of the fountain spray, way off in the distance, you can see the victory column (Siegessäule) crowned with a gold angel.

Two interior views of my office.

And the view out my office window, at 6pm the first day I was there, had this wonderful full rainbow!

Sightseeing 2003 July 6: Gendermenmarkt:

Unter den Linden:

Berliner Dom:


And 2003 July 30-31:
Old East-German store signs in Friedrichshain

Hackescher Markt

Nicely renovated row of buildings in Prenzlauer Berg