Dear lecturer,

we would like to ask you, to respect the following rules, in order to achieve a uniform layout for the conference program booklet and proceedings.

1. Conference program booklet: - Summary of contributions For the summary, each lecturer is free to provide one page with a layout of his choice, as long as the following rule is adhered. The text may be up to 32 lines of 65 characters (TIMES NEW ROMAN   or      ARIAL  ).

Format of the page to be sent to the editor:  DIN A4 (will be reproduced in DIN A 5)

Room between two lines: 1,5 lines

Top Lines: Schrifttype TIMES NEW ROMAN or ARIAL 13 pts

1st. Line : Name (incl. first name)
2nd. Line : Institution, City , Land
3rd. Line: free
4th. Line: Title
5th. Line: free
6th. Line: Text (
Schrifttype TIMES  New Roman or ARIAL 12 pts)

Top: 2.5 cm free
Left Side and right side: 2.0 cm free each
Bottom: 3.0 cm free

Illustrations (Powerpoint) should be included in the layout suitable for the type area.
Note: The deadline for the submission of the summary for the program booklet is may 31st, 2002.

2. Conference Proceedings: For the proceedings we take the same font types, sizes and type area as for the conference program booklet (title page in analogy to the program)
The contents and layout are provided by the lecturers. The maximum length is 6 pages including illustrations.
Please submit your contributions in printed form and via email. Please send us the electronic version of your document in several formats, the chance improves, that we can process you files immediately. For powerpoint slides, use 12.0 pt sizes minimum.

The deadline for the proceedings is July, 15th, 2002. (This is the date, the print- outs must arrive in Freiburg in order to be included!)

Marion Perez, MSc.
ISAMA 2002
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