Registration form for ISAMA 2002
July, 22nd - 26th, 2002
University of Education Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany)


1. Basic Data and Communication

          Please mark (X):    Prof__   Dr.__    Mr.__   Mrs.__   Ms.__
Last Name:__________________________________________________
First Name and Initial:_____________________________________

Street or P.O.Box:__________________________________________

     2. Accompanist

          Last Name:__________________________________________________
First Name and Initial:_____________________________________

     3. Lectures

Please send a short abstract (1 page) until May, 31st, 2002.
(No more lectures possible, deadline over. Exceptions are possible only after personal contact to the local organization team). For more details please watch at the attachment.
If your lecture is accepted, please send or bring 4 pages at July, 15th, 2002 for the proceedings.

     4. Posters

          Do you want to present a poster (100 cm wide x 150 cm high

                                                   or   200 cm wide x 100 cm high)? Yes__ No__

     5. Display

          Do you plan to display work (table will be provided)? Yes__ No__

     6. Excursions

          There is a combination of visits at Wednesday, 2002-07-24 for all participants of the congress:
to the Vitra-museum at Weil, (two guides in architecture: house of ZAHID (one hour), house of ANDO (one hour) the central building of GEHRY and a fourth building of GRIMSHAW without guide)
and museum-Beyeler at Basel-Riehen (one guide in architecture combined with the actual MONET-exhibition (one hour))
At Thursday, 2002-07-25 for all participants of the meeting an excursion to Karlsruhe (Zentrum für
Medienkunst und Kommunikation combined with the exhibition "Iconoclash" will take place.)

     7. Registration fee

      participant     accompanist/student
          225,- EURO                     100,- EURO

It will be possible to participate during half days

(fee: 20 EURO - only scientific programm; registration by payment and sending back of this formular).

     8. payment

          Prof. D. Guderian - ISAMA 2002 - Tagung
account number 0236760 02
Bankleitzahl 680 700 30
Deutsche Bank 24
D-79098 Freiburg i.Br., Rotteckring 3

     9. For lodging please contact:

          Freiburg Wirtschaft und Touristik GmbH & Co. KG
Postfach 1549
79015 Freiburg

Phone: 49(0)761/8858145
Fax: 49(0)761/37003

(please have a look at our "list of recommanded hotels",too.

From Wednesday,2002-07-3 on You will find informations about travelling to Freiburg here, too.)

     10. Please send your registration form to:
          Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg
Institut für Mathematik und Informatik und ihre Didaktiken
ISAMA 2002 - Marion Perez, MSc.
Kunzenweg 21
79117 Freiburg
Tel:  + 761 682527


Tel. +1702613007

Fax: +761 682 525

last refreshing at July 1st 2002